Information for Overseas based teachers wanting to teach in New Zealand

If you are a primary or secondary school teacher looking for a teaching job in New Zealand, then Oasis may be able to assist. Teaching as a profession has been removed from the priority skills category (as listed by the NZ Immigration service) meaning it will be more difficult for NZ schools to employ overseas trained teachers who do not have permanent residence or work visas; however, if you are eligible to work, or if you are a teacher of a shortage subject such as physics or maths, then our schools may be able to offer employment. The New Zealand education system prefers teachers trained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the USA so please forward us your CV (resume) if you are interested in moving to New Zealand from one of these countries.

Oasis Education works with hundreds of New Zealand Schools and our in-depth knowledge of the local system means we can help you find a job. Our team of consultants provide position descriptions when vacancies arise and we match your skills, training and experience to the right post and location. Sometimes teachers send their CVs directly to schools for consideration - a strategy that risks you becoming 'just another CV on the pile'. By using our free service you access our established links with schools and their principals.

Oasis Education can open the door to opportunities that you may not be aware of. Schools know Oasis and our reputation enhances your chance of settling into a satisfying teaching position. *Please note that all Primary and Secondary vacancies in state schools (unless specifically stated) are covered by the conditions of the Secondary teachers and Primary teachers collective agreements.

For all primary teaching enquiries contact Karen Robinson.
For all secondary teaching enquiries contact Martin Strang.

How Oasis Education works with you the teacher

At Oasis Education we believe that teachers deserve quality service. We visit the UK at least once a year to meet with prospective clients. once we know you're keen we use email and phone to discuss vacancies and schools. This means that before you take on a position, the jobs and tasks involved are clearly defined. Specific personal criteria sought be New Zealand schools will also be identified so that you and your prospective employers are clear about your role and there's a firm structure on which to base future success. At Oasis we put the teacher-school relationship first. Having been teachers ourselves, we believe we know what is important to you when you are making a decision about where you want to teach.

Oasis really can help you find a job

As a professional, you have certain skills, specialist subjects and teaching preferences which will help identify your ideal job. Do tell us about your skills and the types of schools where you think you would be valued. Our aim is to find you a position where you can realise your full potential. Enquiring about currently available positions is easy. Just click here to view our current vacancies online.

If you're wondering about hostels, hotels, motels, buying a house, or renting or buying a car, check out our Resources page. It contains useful info on such things as advice for overseas buyers of New Zealand real estate, immigration policy, places to stay and much more.

Assistance for overseas teachers

While the New Zealand Ministry of Education has offered incentives in the past (the International Relocation Grant)  this Grant has now been discontinued. As a rule NZ state and integrated schools do not offer assistance such as paid flights, accomodation or assistance with visas, and while private schools may sometimes offer relocation packages this is the exception rather than the norm.
Oasis Education can smooth the immigration process and help you land a teaching job before you leave your home base, or upon your arrival in New Zealand.Please check the websites listed in Resources. They provide essential information for potential new arrivals. The checklist below will also help you complete paperwork necessary before you travel. We work with teachers based in New Zealand and with those currently overseas.

If the idea of working in New Zealand appeals please send us your details and don't hesitate to contact us with any further queries. We will contact you if any positions arise that suit your experience. We need your CV, brief cover letter, (and digital photo if possible) as well as information on your availability and what type of position you seek.

Your CV should include phone and email contact details of at least two professional teaching referees. After receiving satisfactory referee reports we will only contact you when we hear of jobs that suit your skills. There are many job opportunities in NZ for top quality secondary and primary teachers.

Make it happen: Overseas teacher checklist

So you've decided. Well done! Be advised though, that essential paperwork can take several months to gather and that you need to consider carefully the routes available for securing a work, or residence visa. Give yourself plenty of time. The first part is easy: just let us know you want to to be on your way. Below is a checklist of things to do. Check out our Resources page for website links.

Before you leave

1. Email us your CV, photo and a covering letter.

2. Apply to the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) to start the process of verifying your qualifications.

3. Register with the New Zealand Teachers Council. This is mandatory. Satisfactory Police Clearances are also essential. *Note steps 2 and 3 can be started at the same time.

4. Apply to Immigration NZ for information concerning appropriate work and travel visas - you may also need to get medical clearances.

5. Once you have a job offer you will need a letter of appointment and completed Employer Supplementary Form NZIS1113 from the school.

6. Set up your own bank account, we recommend Kiwibank which is a large wholey owned NZ bank that pays a dividend back to the NZ tax payer!

When you arrive: Personal

1. Obtain an IRD (Inland Revenue) tax number. Apply on line at www.ird.govt.nz

2. (if you haven't doen this already) Set up your own bank account, you’ll find competitive rates at Kiwibank

3. Investigate medical/car/ house and contents insurance packages. Insurance Companies include National Insurance, Southern Cross Medical, Tower, NZI, State Insurance, to name a few.

4. Make sure your driver’s license is both current and valid for New Zealand. For further information call the ‘Land Transport NZ’ free on 0800 699 000.

5. To search for cars/accommodation/furniture click here to go to our Resources page.


Future reference

1. Teacher Resource Centres contain up-to-date resources in all areas of the curriculum at reasonable prices. A complete list of these centres can be found here.

2. Oasis Education staff are always ready to give advice. Just phone (64) 9 303 3616 to speak to one of our consultants.

3. Oasis Education organises regular ‘mix and mingle’ teacher functions.

4. If you come to Auckland make sure you see and do as much as possible. Go to a big rugby or netball game, climb Rangitoto Island, check out the nightlife and investigate the some of the West Coast beaches. You'll soon be able to explore the rest of beautiful NZ!

When you arrive: Professional

1. You may be interested in joining a Union, although it is not compulsory in New Zealand.
* NZEI See executive member within your school or phone (0800) 693443
* PPTA See executive member within your school or phone (04) 384 9964
2. To apply for your International Relocation Grant for a position 20 weeks or more, ensure the school has completed the forms and the application is lodged within 8 weeks of starting work.
3. As an overseas teacher you are allocated 0.1 full-time teacher entitlements for the duration of the first term of work.

4. As part of your professional development you may look at courses specifically designed to familiarise yourself with the New Zealand curriculum.

5. You should bring statements of service from all your previous schools. These are required for salary assessment and should be laid out as follows:

* Original in English on letter head, *should detail duties and exact start and finish dates, *should clarify whether employment was fulltime and continuous, *If not continuous the exact number of days worked must be shown, *must not be dated prior to the last day of work.

New Zealand's education system

1. Decile 1-10 indicates the socio-economic status of the school. Generally, the higher the decile the higher the socio-economic background of the students.

2. Students are expected to provide their own stationery. A list of requirements is provided at the start of each new year.

3. Students bring their own lunch to school or can order lunch at the canteen.

4. A full primary school is from Year 1 through to Year 8, whereas a contributing primary school is Year 1 through to Year 6

5. There are four terms, starting January and finishing December

6. School Year Group by Pupil's Age:

Primary Years 0 - 6 (5 – 11 years old)

Intermediate Years 7 - 8 (11 – 13 years old)

Secondary Years 9 - 13 (13 – 18 years old)

For all primary teaching enquiries contact Karen Robinson.

For all secondary teaching enquiries contact Martin Strang.

Our Difference

We take pride in, and are fully committed to providing the best possible service, support and follow up to schools and teachers.  In all our dealings with the education community in New Zealand and internationally we are motivated by a clear vision:
to contribute to the future of education.


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