International School Services

Oasis Education is one of the most experienced teacher recruitment companies in New Zealand.  We've been supplying teachers to schools internationally and in New Zealand s for more than 12 years and we're committed to providing the best possible assistance and follow-up support.

Our services to clients include:
  •     Advertising of the post or posts
  •     Screening of CV’s
  •     Interviews with candidates
  •     Professional analysis of each teacher’s skills, attributes, preferences and experience
  •     Forwarding of applicant profiles
  •     Direct reference checks
  •     Immigration assessment (i.e. work eligibility)
  •     A direct interview prior to application submission
  •     Liaison with the client around interview times  
  •     Police checks where required
  •     Teacher registration and qualification verification
  •     Candidate notification of application result
  •     Support and advice pre-departure
  •     Post appointment follow-up
We are committed to providing the best possible assistance and follow-up support for clients and educators.
If you wish to consider Oasis candidates there is no cost to you unless you actually decide to appoint one of our educators.

Using Oasis Education for recruitment tasks is very time and cost efficient

Recruiting can be problematic and time consuming. With Oasis Education you'll no longer have to fund expensive advertising campaigns. You'll save time because we interview large candidate pools as well as perform reference checks, verify qualifications and analyse skills and attributes before putting teachers forward for positions.

Once you've made your choice Oasis Education can inform both successful and unsuccessful candidates, thus maintaining your school's high level of professionalism.

Most importantly, we follow up on each placement to address any issues that may have arisen. We provide all teachers with a Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice to ensure successful placements. Our Teacher Manual also ensures teachers are familiar with the demands of today’s classrooms.

We search nationally and internationally for the best candidates

Oasis Education is regularly contacted by teachers seekign work. As a specialist-recruiting firm, we are dedicated to finding the best people for you, both here and overseas. Our International online presence means you have access to more teaching talent than ever before. Our preferred teachers are trained in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa and the USA.

We work closely with school managements to ensure positive results. Contact Oasis Education today to outline your needs and find out how we can assist.



Our Difference

We take pride in, and are fully committed to providing the best possible service, support and follow up to schools and teachers.  In all our dealings with the education community in New Zealand and internationally we are motivated by a clear vision:
to contribute to the future of education.


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